About Us

Akalavyashram, which claims to be the smallest ashram in the world, was been created by God at the very centre of Thiruvananthapuram the capital of Kerala (which is a southern state of India). It shares the boundary walls with the Secretariat of Kerala and the Central Stadium. It is the abode of Swamy Aswathy Thirunal the founder of Akalavya global family. Swamy’s disciples live in the ashram following a spiritual life based on the most ancient yoga system called Dravida yoga, worshipping universal mother and doing selfless service to poor. They are all yoginees in the making, who will go out one day to the different villages and towns of India to spread the fragrance of Indian spirituality and lead a life of service to the society for at least five years before settling down. Swamy Aswathy Thirunal is the Akalavyan of Swamy Sathyananda Saraswathy who was the chief disciple of Sri Neelakanda Gurupardar the founding saint of Sree Ramadasa Ashram. Swamy’s former name was G. Sasi Kumar. He was born in an ancient, rich and politically powerful family of Trivandrum, which has many stalwarts in its heritage line both in politics and in literature. His father Sri. P. Govindan Kutty Nair was thrice the mayor of Trivandrum. His mother was Mrs. Saradamoni. The family members were staunch devotees of Sri. Ramakrishna Chattambi Swamy and Sri. Narayana Guru and such Mahatmas. Even from his early childhood all the family astrologers predicted that this baby would renunciate worldly ties and become a sanyasi in future. Signs of blooming spirituality were very evident in this young sadhaka even from very beginning. Swamy Aswathy Thirunal had already established as a novelist, column writer and scriptwriter of film from his early days of youth hood. He met his Guru. Swamy Sathyanandha Saraswathy when he was doing his degree course in English literature. As instructed by swamy, Sasi kumar fondly called ‘Sasi chettan’ among the youth organized a very dynamic and powerful youth organization called YMHA (Young men’s Hindu Association). He served as its secretary for many years. After taking degree in English literature, he started working as an assistant film director in movies soon he became a scriptwriter. The young man who was determined to become a film director announced his first film in the media. The news flashed. That was the last straw. Swamy Sathyanantha Saraswathy instructed him to come and meet him in the ashram. He asked the young man to arrange the lighting of a lamp function in a small temple, which was in a totally ruined condition. The young man readily agreed as he had already taken a decision to re-build the temple. Guru came lighted the lamp and said ‘‘you don’t need to go for films be a sanyasi from today’’. Guru gave him the name Swamy Aswathy Thirunal. thus at the age of 25 renouncing all his fame and family ties he became a young monk spending all his time doing meditation and deep sadhana. Renouncing the film dreams was his greatest pain. But for him Guru was everything. He passed through all classic steps of sadhana, including going around places as a begging monk. Years of sadhana groomed this highly talented ambitions young man to a totally renounced soul. The very place he did sadhana became his ashram. The second phase of his spiritual life started when he became the deep attraction of many spiritual souls. Many youngsters started doing sadhana under him. Soon five sanyasinis bloomed in Akalavya ashram. They all added the name of their Guru to their names and became full time yoginees. They also renounced their materialistic dreams and stepped into the path spirituality. Thus, the first row of spiritual flowers started spreading fragrance to the world.

  • Aswathy Rekha
  • Aswathy Sudha
  • Aswathy Radha
  • Aswathy Chitra
  • Aswathy Sheela
  • Aswathy Lekshmi
are the five sanyasinis of Akalavya Ashram. They all started following the everyday lifetime table as instructed by their guru, which includes six hours of sadhanas, six hours study and six hours service. Finally, they also took charge of different ashrams under Akalavya charitable trust. Now they all do intense sadhana and serve the poor, teach and spread the yoga lessons. Thus, the Akalavya family has six ashrams now, five in Trivandrum and one in Palakkad.

The Main Projects Of Ashram Family

Ashram runs a totally free ‘CBSE syllabus based’ school Bharathiya Vidya Gramam (Chappath), a Dravida yoga ashramam and a medical mission at Manjhalikulam. Yoginee Aswathy Sheela and yoginee Aswathy Chithra look after the school. There is a legal cell, which provides free help for women under the able leadership of yoginee Adv. Aswathy Sudha and Adv. Ajitha Devi.S. Akalavya family looks after the health and takes care of old mothers and children. The family provides medical assistance through Akalavya medical Mission headed by Dr. Sushama a highly reputed homeo doctor to hundreds of people. It has educationally adopted many families. HAWA (Help another women association) an organization floated by Akalavya family helps women in distress. Positive club organized by the well-wishers of the ashram spreads the power of positive thinking, positive dreaming and positive living. Sarada Govindam is the Dravida yogashram of Aklavyashram. Its mission is to pay way to the resurrection of the most ancient system of yoga known as Dravida yoga. Yoginee Aswathy Rekha is the director of the ashram. Ashram gives maximum importance to Religious Harmony; Swamy Aswathy Thirunal is a champion speaker of religious harmony. He is the chairperson of RAINBOW a multi religious organization that conducts mass multi religious prayers every year in Kerala on December 26 (tsunami day). It is the biggest multi – religious prayer group in the world. Prayer groups of Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Bahayism and Judaism participate in the prayer meetings of rainbow. “Namam Japikunna veedu” is a project of ashram to revive the “Matha, Pitha, Guru, and Daivam”culture. Yoginee aswathy Radha is in charge of the youngsters of the ashram. Yoginee aswathy Lekshmi lead ashrams biggest project yoga village at kollangode Palakkad.

Akalavya family believes in the five dimensional growth of the society; growth in physical, emotional, intellectual, intuitional and spiritual levels. If an individual grows in all these dimensions, the society will become a perfect society. It will be a society of love, peace, mutual understanding and growth. This is the theme of Akalavya school of thought. Swamy Aswathy Thirunal appeals to the new generation to grow up like an Akalavyan of Mahabharata. “There is nothing like fate or headlines. It is you who decide what you want in life. It is your duty to draw your own headline. “Thy create Thy self is the truth of life”. Swamy Aswathy Thirunal through his very popular motivation speeches in TV channels and motivation meetings inspire many young people to do sadhanas, study and do service to the poor. He inspires others to follow the path of Dravida yoga the most ancient school of yoga to reach the path of supreme happiness. Akalavya family gives great importance to organic faming. Ashram has its own organic farm at Pirappancode. Many men and women are now trained by Swamy to serve the poor renouncing selfishness and worldly dreams and thus live as yogis. Swamy predicts that soon there will arise a spiritual movement from the new generation. They will renounce their IT dreams and material fantasies, go in pairs to the downtrodden people, slums and villages, lead lives of values, and serve the poor. Swamy considers his voice as an alarm bell to the coming of this world awakening.

Salient features of Akalavyashram

The Guru and his disciples always lead very humble lives following the footsteps of the great Indian traditional guru’s living style. Live in huts and hearts is the basic slogan of the family. We want more spiritual fruits not nuts is the theme. Akalavya family never supports avathara cults, great Guru Complex’s religious fanaticism or spiritual marketing techniques. Rebuilding of the great yoga path, once known as sivapadam, which was the most ancient yoga system of the world, renamed as Dravida yoga system is ashram’s greatest dream. It is establishing a yoga village for that in Kollangode, Palakkad. Ashram believes that all children should be taught to worship the four Vedas of Indian culture Matha, Pitha, Guru, and Daivam from the very beginning. That will be the solution for the declining of family tradition of India. Ashram teaches you to live in happiness, peace, harmony and love. The greatest teaching of Swamy is `your mind is your best friend. Don’t hurt him whatsoever for whomsoever.’ In a nut shell Akalavyan appeals to the world